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A big Thank You to all of you who have sent well wishes, positive comments and encouragement while I underwent some major shoulder surgery this past week. A brief update is that when they had me opened up they discovered that my rotator cuff was torn as well, so they decided (with the approval of my wife) to repair that also. They opened my shoulder up with a 4-5" incision to repair and rebuild the three torn ligaments in my AC joint using a graft and donor tissue (several plastic screws), they also had to shave off a good portion of my clavicle (clavicular reduction) and also had to drill several holes in the bone to properly anchor my labrum which was 70% torn away. I am in a sling for another week, but I get the stitches out and dressings removed on thursday in Franconia. Then it will be a long and arduous road to recovery. All said and done, I should be back climbing easy routes by the beginning of June if I progress through the PT program like I am hoping. Hell...I climbed right up to the day before my operation with no AC Joint, no Rotator cuff and a torn labrum...PT should be a piece of cake right??   :)

Looking forward to sharing a rope with you guys this spring! Thanks again for everthing
Kindest Regards

I missed that you were having surgery. May your PT go well with a speedy recovery. Let me know when you first start climbing again and maybe I can keep up with you for the first day or two.
Get Well!
David G

Is that the new Avalung? Just kiddin' ;)


--- Quote from: DWT on March 05, 2012, 05:37:03 pm ---Is that the new Avalung? Just kiddin' ;)

--- End quote ---

It is! New prototype but we are trying to keep it hush hush...

Now I definately have something to say about not riding clipless on the trails. Speedy recovery man. See you on the rock in June for sure. : )


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