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No toilets at Rumney

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As of this Sunday there were zero available toilets in the Rumney main parking lot.  One of the two was boarded up with plywood due to (apparently) someone doing donuts during the winter and crashing their car into the toilets.  The other one was seemingly locked from the inside (???).  This is definitely not a good thing if we want to minimize the crap out near the cliffs.  Has anybody contacted the NFS or taken other measures to get things back in order?


If you have been following the on-going nation wide hoopla over the Forest Service parking fees - then the last of available toilets would give you a good reason not to pay for a parking pass.

Mike G:
Geeeze Tom, This sounds like a bitch, why don't you call the forest service.


--- Quote from: Mike G on March 19, 2012, 05:48:22 pm ---Geeeze Tom, This sounds like a bitch, why don't you call the forest service.

--- End quote ---

Well, because I believe some people on this list have a prior working relationship with the right local people in the NFS.  Just calling some random NFS phone number and complaining is not likely to produce the desired result and keep our climbing area shit-free.  But if there is no (productive) response here then I will call.


From Rose, of the RCA - (to paraphrase) Justin Preisendorfer of the USFS indicated they are working on getting a portopotty in the small lot by the first week in April and the main parking lot bathroom should be repaired in the next week or so. The person who damaged it has come forward to rectify the situation.


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