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Anyone Climb Grand Teton Via Owen Spalding?

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Owen Spalding is a classic route up Grand Teton with a 5.3 and 5.5 rock finish at the summit. I'm posting this at the off chance a local climber has done this route and could recommend a local pitch with similar style/difficulty of climbing so we can test our selves. 

(Obviously we cannot duplicate level of commitment of being at 13,700 feet in a strange land with high exposure but we can do our best to prepare, gather all the beta we can, and make sure our hiking/climbing are dialed in).

Perhaps 5.7 Pinnacle on Mount Washington is a good test? Maybe some of the 5.6/5.7's at Echo Crag? 

While I havenít climbed on the Grand Teton if you can climb Pinnacle or Whitney Gilman in good style Iíd imagine your proficient enough for Owen Spaulding from what I have read about it. Though you can lose a lot of time on a big route like that if you and your partner do not know how to move quickly while still protected on 3rd and 4th class terrain, or run into any route finding problems.

I climbed the grand, ganet and downs in HS.  Little vague on the memories but I'd say mileage and maybe things like henderson and pinacle on washington would be the ticket.  Have fun, good times.

Have not done the grad but did Teewenoit. Be in shape!  Big hikeing involved in those adventures.   Hiking up to do pinnacle ridge a bunch of times should help.

Chris if you can do pinnacle you will have no problems.I did it in 98 and it was a fun route.You do have a belly roll and a crawl that is The climbing was pretty mello but watch out for verglas on the rock.Are you camping or planning it as a day trip.If camping send me a PM and I have some beta for you that you may need.I would suggest getting in aerobic shape and spend some time acclimatizing to altitude.Tried Teewinot first day and didnt summit because of altitude.It was a great route with cool easy moves in a beautiful location.


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