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Rumney Parking!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Admin Al:
I just got a message about the parking at Rumney:

"...this past weekend (4/14-15) overflow parked (i.e. illegal on street) cars were being ticked and towed at Rumney. Seems the "they" want to start training us early..."

A word to the wise!

Carpool! ..even if it is just from the library in town. Yes, that means you all.

Suck it up and go out to the woods    ;)

Was it Yoggie Berra ?  no one goes there anymore. it'' to crowded

Why would you want to climb there when it's that crowded? If I saw that the parking lots were that full, fear of getting a ticket wouldn't be the motovating factor for moving on. Rumney has played a positive role in reducing over crowding at your favorite cliffs.

I think climbers should be able to buy a day pass at the library/monorail station...take the monorail in and back at the end of the day. They could issue several passes that would allow climbers to access certain crags, thus keeping numbers reasonable. The state could hire ticket takers to monitor climbers and to make sure that they have paid and are not trying to sneak into a crag that they had not purchased. I figure there are close to 12 crags there...we provide 24 new jobs (two shifts of attendants), three to four monorail pilots, the library doubles as the monorail terminal and we could provide shuttles from the field (now paved parking lot) just before you cross the bridge on the main road. So we solve the parking problem, plus overcrowding at the crags, and we boost the local economy.  ;)


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