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Rumney Parking!!!!!!!!!!!!

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--- Quote from: Admin Al on April 18, 2012, 11:04:01 am ---time to go to Dickey Mountain, Sundown, Lost or Found Ledge, Woodchuck, Green's, Crag-Y or any of the countless cool outback crags where you will likely not see another soul.

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How many quickdraws do I need?


--- Quote from: DMan on April 18, 2012, 06:29:40 pm ---How many quickdraws do I need?

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About 15 should do it at Owl's Cliff for the sport routes including the long face climbs on the right cliff  ;) Of course you will miss out on all the mixed and trad routes.

I bet parking at Rumney will not be an issue this coming weekend!

Maybe the Forest Service should sell weekday/non-holiday passes to Rumney at a reduced rate like the ski areas ;) :D

I was at Rumney all week and we had every cliff we visited (except Bonsai yesterday) to ourselves. 

And I'm guessing that even on the weekend when there was no parking the Summit Cliff and Monolith had zero climbers. 


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