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Rumney Parking!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What a week to visit Rumney, Ward.  Way to go.  Hope everyone had fun.
I should not be saying this but here goes - if the parking lots are overflowing with cars, just walk a little further, be ready not to visit the most popular crags, and be a little flexible about what to climb or the order you do the climbs in.  IMO, certainly no worse than The Trapps and Near Trapps at The Gunks.

Right you are, my brother Chris was there over the busy weekend and they ended up being the only party at the Kennel Wall.  Everyone wants to be at the nearest cliff to the road.  Of course there are no parties at Potash Knob but there is a reason there are no parties there...

Shucks, the secret about Kennel Wall is out now.  Thanks, Ward :)
Seriously, two times now I have been to Kennel Wall on super nice days (full or overflowing Parking Lots) and was the only party there the whole day or at least most of it.  And Kennel is a 'moderate', shady crag with lots of 5.10's.

I had Green's all to my self. I went there Thursday and today to beat the weekend crowds (and the supposed rain). Everything was dry. Even Greenpeace was bone dry. No bugs at all. I screwed around on a second pitch project on self belay TR and got most of the rough cleaning done on the second pitch of Stewart's Crack and the last bolt in on the slab pitch of another project (so, Dave, it should be ready for you to try to onsite next weekend).


--- Quote ---it should be ready for you to try to onsite next weekend
--- End quote ---

Well i dont have a huge belly but i am way out of shape, so it should be no problem right.  ;)

I am trying to make it happen. So far Sunday and Monday look like the best weather. 

Wait... What does this have to do with Rumney Parking?


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