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Rumney Parking!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Apparently tons of people parking on the road again this weekend...  wonder how many tickets it will take for folks to learn.  (i was up early and climbing late so i didn't see if they were towing or not)   

We did not see any car parked on Buffalo Rd yesterday, Jake, but not sure if that is because of the towing.
We left at 6p yesterday, saw several cars parked across the Lot on the grass on private property.

The crags we were at were not busy yesterday; only had to wait to get on Tropicana.  But that was OK since we passed the time by having lunch, putting on bug juice, and getting the kinks out of my (relatively new) rope.  It just seemed like there were quite a few New Yorkers around.

Perhaps just saturday then.  Art mooney said there were lots on the road. 

Bolted a new route today out in the Massachusetts woods.  Just me and the bugs.

New bolted line in mass?  Do tell.


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