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I'm the kinda guy who buys five pairs of running shoes when the model I like is discontinued.  So, needless to say that its been a while since I looked in to the climbing shoe market.  I love my Cobras, but they've been resoled enough that I don't think they'll make another season.  What are the kids climbing in these days?  My cobras are older and stretched out, so not the super tight aggressive fit people think of with a lot of slippers.  Any recommendations?  I climb mostly crack and face stuff.  I love the convenience of a slipper, but also like the ability to loosen up a lace up.  Thought maybe velcro would be good, but could see it coming undone with some foot jams, plus it seems most velcro shoes are super aggressive.  And I prefer brands sold at EMS and REI for ease of return if needed rather than the "super limited run through a guy you know if Europe" type stuff.  Any recommendations are appreciated.

Try the Phyton or Katana.  Both have velcro.  Neither is super aggressive.

I like my red chili's but they may be harder to find

Loving my Five Ten VMile’s. Bit pricey and out of stock at EMS at the moment, but available for special order. These are new this year and they look promising;

I have limited shoe experiance but the La Sportive TC pro's are just an amazing shoe. Look at the thread here comparing the TC pro and the Mythos and there is more info.


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