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State bills rescued hiker $7k

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Admin Al:
good article in today's Conway Sun by Erik Eisle:

then Jim Ewing pointed out this page on the NHF&G site:

it's a real conundrum...

I saw that the other day in the paper. That's a bit much.
Don't get me wrong, I would prefer to perish before calling the AMC Highland center for directions but she did pretty well overall.

What would happen if you had a minor climbing accident while climbing on Mt Washington, were really capable of, and committed to a self rescue and someone else calls it in. They scoop you and fine you $7000.

They contend that she was negligent because of the weather forecast. The rescuers are even calling it a desperate attempt to recoup cash.
I gave Mechanicalchris crap for complaining about camping fees the other day but this fee would kill you. How would you even afford to fight that.

The "Frequently Asked Questions" page that Jim points out is particularly scary. Take a look at the "What groups receive Search and Rescue services" tab.
Climbers, although lumped with hikers, appears first at 56%. I wonder what the number is if you split it up?

The other tomcat:
If I read Eric's article correctly, Fish and Game didn't actually find her, Mountain Rescue did, and several members who were there thought the price a bit steep. Amusingly the F&G have put a 7000.00 price tag on it, but told the Conway Sun it could take sixty days to explain how they came up with that number.

In the end this will cause a myriad set of problems. People will delay calling for help when they should, and there will certainly be issues that arise when someone calls for a family member to be rescued, who is in fact, just overdue.

I can't wait to see the price

She should not have been charged, however she did not have a map or compass with her.

Two basic items could have prevented this rescue from being needed. Itís a shame there is no mention of that anywhere in the discussion.

I try to avoid those situations, but if I really needed help and could make a phone call, I would call friends in the area who where up for the task first. Hopefully they wouldn't be in the Andes or passed out. Shimmie, come and get meee! I'm fucked up and my femur is sticking out of my chest. Come finish me off with a rock. I would be pissed if somebody ordered a search and rescue that I specifically asked not to have, and then got billed for it.


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