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Efficient 3 person movement on White Horse Standard Route with 2 half ropes?

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At some point we're going to try a 3 person ascent of White Horse via Standard Route. We have two 8.5mm half ropes and one 10.3 single.

My concern is that managing 3 ropes on every pitch is going to get messy, be really heavy, back-up the route and potentially expose us to more objective hazards because it will likely add significant time to the climb. Is it safe to second Standard on a single half rope?

What comes to mind is two conflicting ideas: 

"No, half-ropes are meant to be used together by clipping gear alternate and therefore it is assumed that the second should be brought up on both half ropes." but alternatively "Each half rope is rated for 6-16 full leader falls and seconding with no slack on a slab like White Horse could not come close to achieving the force needed to snap a half rope."

Use the two ropes and have your seconds simulclimb...saves a ton of time!  ;)

Thanks Grammy, you've helped us so much over the year.

Ya that route is fine for thin ropes - even leader falls wouldn't generate much force.
Also to avoid backups, start early - nothing seems to happen "alpine" in that valley so 7:30 is plenty early.
And don't bring any packs - just tie your sneakers to the back of your harness.

Chris, Just make sure that you have a belay device that has the option to use as an autoblock off the anchor and that you can use it with two ropes such as the ATC Guide, Reverso 3, Trango B-52, Mammut Smart Alpine, etc...and definitely understand how the system works prior to the climb. It is not difficult to understand or master, but it is a little different and lowering with them can be a flipping nightmare...just take an afternoon in the back yard, and practice getting the systems will be fine!  :)


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