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Anybody on here ever attempted this?  Got any tips or cool info?  Is there a guidebook?

JBrochu did it a couple years ago - PM him.

I did it back in '05 w/ my wife as she was finishing her AT hike. We did it in Sept, I think. Started from Monson (sp) and went North to Kathadin. A stay at the hiker hostel in Monson is a must (can't remember the name, but quite a dive). I'd say that most folks who are reasonably capable in the backwoods and with a solid fitness level should have no problem with it. The big hitch is hauling all of your gear/food. Also, timing. Too early and the bugs will eat you alive. If a major storm hits (we caught the tail end of Katrina or one of those hurricanes coming up the cost), the river crossings could be dangerous/cost you time (we almost got washed away on a xing). Check w/ the Maine AT folks about logistics/details/timing.

White House Landing (if it's still there/open) was a nice respite and a place to restock. The only one w/in the wilderness. They sell a burger the size of your head. I think it was 16 oz or something insane like that.

Oh, and come prepared. I ripped the sole off of one of my hiking boots (too cheap to upgrade from the old college beasts) and ended up hiking 80 miles in my Crocs. My feet were so blistered and infected by the time I got to Millinocket, I passed on summiting Kathadin.

All that said, enjoy!


I did it with my Mom and 5 other kids when I was 13 in 1974.  No, I have no advice other than I remember a lot of bugs and mud.
Once I started technical climbing at 16 I gave up my AT ambitions for good.   Have

As frik said I did it a few years ago. I definitely would recommend doing it in the fall to avoid the bugs, plus you have a better chance at nice weather. Don't miss Antlers Campsite, which is a really nice place to stay. I think we did it in 8 days without resupply, but if I did it again I would shoot for 6 days and would resupply at White House Landing, thereby carrying a really light pack and making more miles every day. Add more time if you're going to finish with Katahdin - we stopped at Abol Bridge.

There are two good places to stay in Monson: Shaw's Boarding House (awesome breakfast) and Lakeshore House (decent beer selection).

Here are a few photos I posted at after my trip.

Sunrise from Antlers Campsite:

East Branch Pleasant River:


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