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100 Mile Wilderness ?'s

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Hey Derek: did this section of the AT many moons ago, it was great, Monson to Katahdin, is mostly a lot of flat sections where you can really tick off the miles, we took our time, 10 days I think but met a guy who was doing it in 5 days, 20 miles a day, existing on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Nice lean to shelters to chose from along the way. And...take an extra day or two and check out the side trail into Gulf Hagas (the grand canyon of the east) , is not far out of Monson if I remember, fantastic rock gorges with waterfalls and rapids, with our basic crude fishing hand lines using grubs and worms we dug up, we caught 2 landlocked salmon and a beautiful brook trout in a pool in Gulf Hagas. We went in middle of summer and had great weather. A great long distance hike

Hey side note,  due to having to do chores this saturday morning , will be at Rimmon sat afternoon after 1:00 if you are not up north, come find us, hope all is well with you and family.... Al   

Count me in Al.  Erin is in New Jersey this weekend, so I'll be home too.  See you there.

cool, will give you more info on the 100 mile wilderness then, now we probably wont get there until around 2:30 (things changed again) but we will be there, I'll pm you friday night

Is this something you could run or would it be a lot of really fast up hill speed walking if you tried. For a seasoned trail runner i am asking of course.

You could run the majority of it, other than Katahdin at the end, and a section thru "whitecap' (or whitesomething I believe) mountain that involves real elevation gain hiking, huge sections are quite flat with a really nice trail base, could run it


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