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We just did a major retro anchor, bolting and chain rehab at Penitente , here in CO and i must say the Fixe stuff is great. BIG bolts, thick chains and such.
If you ever need to do up a route, this is your gear.  YES glue-ins as well.

yeah, 2 thumbs up for sure

They do use nice materials. I usually use their nice beefy stainless hangers. I have issues with some of their anchor designs though.They often come down to one single ring (strong as it may be). I like to stick with the ol' redundancy rule, unlike the Euros it seems. They also often require an expensive replacement of the whole contraption if one part is worn too, so I usually make my own anchors using the Fixe hangers (or glue-ins), then two fatty quicklinks on each one or a quicklink and a SS Fixe ring. I wish the Fixe quicklinks were a little bigger gauge.

Thanks for reminding me to order more hangers, John.  :)

I am not a big fan of any of the  more involved pre made anchor setups. Espicialy do not like the  big easy clip things..  way too big visually and promote stupidity.  I do like the fixe single ring  anchor.The Ramur version is comperable. Also like  metelious  rap hanger on 1/2 in 5 piece or 2 quick links on standard bolt hanger. Everything painted primer grey.

Man, you guys DO know how to celebrate after - sushi and beer in a gazebo? 
Here are some pics of the old stuff -

Those "drop in" bolts are freaking scary looking.  Glad those got replaced.

I did not see it at their website but does Fixe make an anchor system that consists of two bolts, two hangers, two cables attached to a single ring?  There are quite a few of these at Muir Valley down in KY.  I do not like them as much.

P.S. Trad, you are correct - metelious  rap hanger on 1/2 in 5 piece painted grey or dirt color is the least visible, lowest 'profile' anchor I have ever seen.  Too bad too many do a TR directly through them!  I still miss the ones which were up on Masterpiece that had to be replaced because of abuse and/or ignorance.


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