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YA- the rap anchors that gone worn by people tr'ing through them kinda shocked me... shit, there was so much drag, you could hip belay. That's some serious wear on a really beefy bit of gear.
i tried to use the Valley analogy of "if it's fixed , it's A1"  BUT AS A JOKE and some folks thought the same about lowering set ups.
Later on i ripped apart one of the  chains with my bumper off a 5/16" buttonhead... that freaked some people.

John, thanks to all who were there for the work at Penitente; I was only there one morning (it started to rain hard after we'd done 3 routes) in Sept '09, but found it appealing and certainly want to get back there, and to 11 Mile Canyon which I visited for a fabulous day during the same CO trip, while visiting friends in Salida. Viewing the stuff that was removed from Penitente in the photos from Mountain Project certainly underlines the dangers of TR ing on fixed gear! Yet I still see people doing just that at Rumney and on rap anchors in the Gunks :-[

Wetalked about 11 mile and shelf- what  aproject  shelf has 1,200 lines.

Did some rawl/powers 3/8" x 2.25'in granite (nice) today.  Super secure. 4,800 lbs. the rock


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