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Those Metolius Rap Hangers are harder to pull  the rope through and trash it compared to half inch quicklinks or the big SS Fixe rings. I also like to be able to clip in to the hangers or top quicklink without pinching the rope in the lower one.

Good points, Mark.  It is tricky to thread the rope thru the Rap Anchors while directly anchored to them.

The advantages of the metelious rap hangers. Super discrete, super burly, cheaper than Fixe ring anchors, never wear out. Same rope bearing surface of 5/16th quick link. Disadvantages, not as user friendly @ hanging belays for # of biners in hanger and still be able to fit the rope in there but still totally manageable for anyone who is not a complete sport weinie. Slightly more wear on the rope when loweing but still negligable. pulls slightly harder but that keeps you warm.   I do prefer the Fixe single rings painted grey for medium use discreteness.  Quick links or metelious rap hangers for high use. the quick links you can replace. the metelious  rap hangers never wear out?   Anyone seen one wear through?

Ok so I see up thread they do wear out. I guess anything can wear out @ Rumny.

Not just Rumney, Trad.  See the pics taken at Peni at link. They can take a beating but still wear out over time with misuse.  I never understood why people would do a direct TR through the Rap Anchors.  Doing so puts an awful lot of kinks and twists into the rope.  There is a reason why they are called rap anchors :)


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