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Got nailed with plantar fasciitis and am going stir crazy after a week.  Running and cycling send me through the roof the next morning with pain.  And the pressure placed on the connective tissue when smearing or edging doesn't help either.  Any thoughts on how to get out?  I was thinking of just aid climbing to get out and have some fun, but I think the the narrow platform on the aiders wouldn't help either.  Anybody else have prior experience and coping ideas?

Bad News =Suffered with it for 2 years, podiatrist/custom orthotics/ lots of NSAIDS/cortisone injections--you name it, only moderate relief; Good News, kept climbing/guiding as much as I could--eventually it healed during 2nd winter when I was just wearing ski boots with my custom insoles    Wishing you luck!! It really sucks when your feet hit the floor in the morning!!

Canoe/kayak (I much prefer solo canoe).  Flatwater = aerobic, whitewater = cortisol and epinephrine.

5wt 6' flyrod/feeder stream/5-inch brookies = zen.


Had this before also, it suks!!!

Get your Dr. To prescribe a boot to wear at night. This should help the morning time agony, as long as you are consistent wearing it.

During the day keep a soup can and tennis ball handy and roll your foot on it as much as possible.

Also, don't forget to keep your calves stretched out.

Orthotics should help, but if your feet hurt on the bike (assume you are using clip-ins) you may want to get a good bike fitter to look at your cleat position on your shoe. Sometimes a millimeter change will make all the difference.

Good luck, not a fun recovery.

Try prp injections, a little expensive but good results, don't get an operation!  don't wear flip flops, buy a good pair of running shoes and massage the bottoms of your feet daily, it took awhile but my feet healed up fine, but it took about a year, good luck


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