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If you were only going to buy one camera in your lifetime, what would it be?  Why?

Rolli 35

They haven't made them in decades but you can still pick them up used. Very simple camera, compact, beautiful ziess lens.  As long as someone still manufactures film, these units will still be taking great pictures. I wouldn't expect any digital camera to last a lifetime - maybe not even 30 years. That leaves manuals, and if longevity is the goal then simpler is better.

ELM: if you could only get film for it. I would have film camera too: a Leica M3. That camera was so innovative at the time it changed how all SLR's are made. It also took amazing pictures for such a small platform. Plus you can easily take it apart and clean it if you need to.

Ya Leica made some great cameras. What format was the M3?
The Rolli is a 35mm so, you can still get film and even get it developed.... it just isn't as omnipresent or convenient as in the past.

Don't get me wrong - no way am i doing back to film. Digital cameras take excellent shots, and are so convenient they beat "film" cameras in ALMOST every way imaginable. But if i could only have one camera, and it needed to last for my whole life... -well that's an entirely different proposition.

If you want a camera that you can use 25 years from now, you will want a mechanical one.  Rolli is great, I thought they take 220 film though.  I could be wrong.  You all know more about Leicas than I do.  Here's something to think about - how about the Vietname era Nikon (Nikon F)?  That thing is built like a tank.  I am holding on to my Olympus OM-1, the 1st small SLR of the 'modern era'.  All manual, the only elec is the light meter, which can be subst by an external light meter.

Eric, you could ask Nancy to offer her (professional) opinion! :)


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