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Podiatrist recomendation?


I recently moved to North Conway and am looking for a podiatirst to treat a painfull foot problem that is interfering with climbing and hiking.  Can anyone recomend one within a couple hours drive?  Thanks much.  Bill

If you want to drive to Boston and have good health coverage i can get you a number.

I also have been struggling with foot problems for 1.5 years. I did not just stop early on. I highly suggest you do as it is the one thing you dont get a chance to do a second time. Also get your foot and overall body mechanics looked at real close by a highly skilled eye honed towards athletes. So many nerd podiatrist that just do not understand how important exercise is to a athlete or the active person. Never mind what a athlete is vrs a the recreational weekend warrior.

I used to have a real good guy when i was racing bicycles full time but he relocated to the southwest many years ago. It took me 1.5 years to hunt down someone capable of a proper diagnosis and plan for treatment. I did see 3-4 other docs through my health care provider before i bit the bullet and just payed my own $$$ for someone that really had a true interest in getting back to doing what i love more than just $$$.

Its a needle in haystack situation and i don't get it either but some podiatrist really do love their work. I found one if you wanna take a drive....

Tim Kemple senior fixed me up when I had a foot problem 15 years ago. PM me and I"ll give you his email.  He is a climber and all around good guy.

Dr. Goldenhar is the local podiatrist here in the valley. He did a nice job with my PF a few years ago...a cheap insert, no shots, and things have been great ever since.

Is TK, Sr still practicing?  I thought he retired some time ago.


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