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lucky luke:
Third death in quebec. Bad luck for some of you. When death is a recurence, we must look over the evience, over bad luck.

Are you placing your life in a bad luck situation voluntarly or by inexperiences? I was thinking that a thread like: "competence for trad climber" can be a starting point to avoid accident. Some people pissed me off so deeply that I begin to turn my head when I saw bad comportment in climbing. Even whit that feeling, we throw a rope to secure a climber in a traverse. he had bad protection where I use to set a belay with some experiences climbers.

Lightning. as you rap, the electircity will follow the easiest path of resistence. if you sit down and wait, you are a small point in a mountain. If you rap, your rope is like a lightning conductor. You must avoid rappel in stay in a water street...under a roof...etc.   

Admin Al:

Lightning is pretty much my biggest fear in the mountains... it can come quick and sitting on my pack feels so un-intuitive, but you are right.


Admin Al:
got caught in a lightening/thunder storm in the saddle between the Maroon Belles outside of Aspen in '83. my hair was standing on end and I was really scared. I never want to go through that again.



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