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I started a new blog dedicated to hiking with my son. The main purpose is to just chronicle our early hikes, but Iíd also like it to be a resource for other new outdoorsy parents. Trip reports, in-depth gear reviews, helpful links, etc... typical blog stuff.

If youíre interested in that sort of stuff please check it out;

If you donít like hiking... or kids... it might not be for you :)

I just took my 8 year old out for her first 4000 footer: Mt Tom. Both of her sisters have done two so far....she's trying to catch up.

ELM, you should check this book out:

Up: A Mother and Daughterís Peakbagging Adventurer: I picked this up after seeing this trailer on a friends Facebook Wall. Definitely an inspiring read despite my own conflicts with some of the material, I would still recommend it to anyone into peakbagging.

   I have read's Hugh Herrs wife who wrote it...good read. She's out there with kids a bit younger than I would have done. I was way too busy when my oldest was young to get her going so I am trying to catch up with her and her sisters. At some point in August we'll all be out together hitting something.
   I did most of the 4000'ers back 25 years ago. I have favorites but they are not the best kid hikes. I am trying to remember another 4000'er with a view to do with them.


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