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new tent and day pack


Thinking of a new tent , anyone have feed back on the black diamond hilight 2 person  2lbs 12oz looking for a light all around tent  for all seasons , on sale at backcountry .com 289.00 . I've never owned a single wall ,  have a north face arrowhead  , bomb proof  and about 15 yrs old great tent but heavy , has fly .also looking for suggestions for anew day pack , for rock and ice , have been using lowe cloudwalker for the last 20 yrs , getting tattered , not  sure what the cu in are , thanks in advance , cheers

I have the BD axis 33 pack that I use for climbing and love it.

I have an old Firstlight and I love it. The highlight looks nice and that is a great price. I think they retail around $380 or so.

I tend to be mostly no-frills when it comes to gear. I've used a GoLite for the past six years. I wasn't expecting much, but that thing has held up like a tank relative to it's construction. If you want something nice and light and variable, it's a good way to go.


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