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Specialized Rockopper


Great bike for a kid, it's pretty darn sturdy.
Gotta be early to mid 90s.
 13.5" crank to top tube center.
 Rigid cromo frame, Ritchey dropouts.
 7spd rear, late 90s early 2000s LX (22/34 I think) crank w/bashgaurd.
 Trigger rear, thumby front.
 LX rear hub laced to a 36h D521.
 LX front hub laced to a 36h Rhyno Lite.
 Short cage derailluer.
 Road like cassette.
 Avid SD 2.0 v-brakes with Avid levers (FR-5?).
 Answer riser bar.
 Oury Grips.
 Triple Trap Pedals.
 I forget the rest.
The guy I got it from set it up for trials, hence the sturdyness The only things I've replaced are the brakes, rear tire and the rear shifter.
The bike is well used, but solid as a rock. Between all the bikes and other stuff I do I just don't ride it anymore.



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