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Acadia August 26 - 27

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I'm going to be visiting Acadia for the first time with my mom and really want to get some climbing in while I'm there. I'm looking for a partner for one of the three dates above if anyone is available to take me out! I can lead trad up to around 5.5/5.6 and sport around 5.11a. I'm coming from Australia so I'm trying to bring minimal gear, but I plan on buying a set of cams while in the states that we can use! Please let me know if anyone wants to get out for a day climb! Thanks! - Kim

I will be in Acadia at Blackwoods campground on 8/22-8/26

You mention Acadia August 26 - 27 but then "one of the three dates above". If one of the three dates is 8/25, maybe we can get together. Else, possibly 8/26 (AM only) at Otter Cliffs since I'm driving back to Connecticut on the 26th.

hey all,  i'm in the same boat, heading up with a bunch of nonclimbers and looking for a partner 8/26-29 would like to climb at pecipice or great head and stay away from the crowds. got ropes, racks, and i give myself a plus one in the kharma scale. cheers


--- Quote from: kdub on August 11, 2012, 12:01:49 am ---I can lead trad up to around 5.5/5.6 and sport around 5.11a.
--- End quote ---

I don't know why, but this statement makes me laugh.

Anybody know anything more about this accident that happened a few days after I left?


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