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Admin Al:
Been climbing today at a new craig over near Whites Ledge. There are some nice 7 and 8 lines here. It's worth checking out. I'll post info soon and some pix.

Admin Al:
So this is a little cliff in the woods a couple of hundred yards down and left of the Pick Of The Litter cliff, left of White's Ledge. it's a cute little cliff, with a handful of routes on the Main Cliff that are all worth doing. You can do all of them in less than a day, but it's worth the effort.

Finding the area is a bit tricky... drive as you would for White's Ledge and go past the pullout for White's. look for a small pulloff on the left after an obvious larger one which is by a swimming/fishing hole. walk about 200' up the road and look for an in-obvious trail on the right near a small gully. follow the trail steeply uphill, eventually going left and coming out at the top of the craig. there is a single tree with a rap anchor and you can rap to the bottom of this 60' high cliff  with a single rope. I did not see the trail to the bottom, but I guess it was there somewhere!

there are 3 other climbs on this craig. there is another "slab" area about 300 yards left and a bit uphill from the Main cliff with several other climbs. here are two pix. CMC Crack is supposedly 5.7+ and Good For The Soul is 5.8.

Admin Al:
I went out there again on Thursday, this time with George Hurley. We climbed all of the stuff on the Main Cliff except for Angel Of Sin. George led the Wild Things chimney!

I have now posted all the climbs on the Main Wall area in the Routes database. I also put a piece of surveyor's tape on a tree to mark the start of the trail.


Thanks 've been busy!!!

Admin Al:
in many ways Grammy...


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