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rideshare to Conway this weekend

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I've become temporarily estranged in CT working and would prefer not to drive my F150 back and forth to Conway this weekend.  Anyone headed up?


seriously, you buy a car my wife's cat can't fit into, yet use the big truck traveling across 3 states.  sometimes I wonder...hook up with sprauge.  He may be headed north, I just shot him a text for you.

It's looking iffy for the weekend for me. I was hoping to head up tonight to get at least one good day, but I just had to bag that idea. I'll try to let you know if I end up going, but I probably wouldn't know until the last minute and drive up late Friday. I have been driving up at 3 AM lately  ;D

I'm working, need the truck.  It's $200 for gas round trip at 12.5 mpg, but at least it isn't a dodge.

Thanks anyway Mark..

at least i was smart enough to get someone to pay for my gas... :P


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