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Anyone use a local resoler lately?My Mythos are tired and worn.I used to use Soleman but his website is for sale so not sure if he is in the business anymore.I know the usual out west suspects but trying to keep it local.Need a pretty good turn around time also.Thanks

Hey Jim!

Closest I am aware of is in Plattsburgh, NY. Mark Meschinelli does a great job and the turn around time is pretty reasonable:!

Another vote for Marc in Plattsburgh, NY--Plattsburgh Shoe Hospital-- He's done a great job on 3 pair of rock shoes and 2 pair of approach shoes for me, and the turn around has always been 10 days or less round trip from/to CT; 3rd generation cobbler and top level Daks climber so he knows what you need in a shoe--you can pick the rubber type and thickness!

Looks like there might be someone in southern NH:

Thanks looks like Plattsburg is the place.


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