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Some new routes below Attitash Crag.

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J Dickson:
There has been some new stuff going on below Attitash on the lower right side. If you are in the area go an climb them. The routes are on mountain project. There are about 6 new lines from 5.8 to 5.11.  ;)

Nice Jim!!

Jim-- I looked on Mt Project, and couldn't find them; any advice?

Jeff,  here are some (all?) of the names:

      Crash Course 5.10+
      Exclusiva 5.11+
      Freakers Ball 5.9
      Goldrush 5.9+
      Hot Fortuna 5.10
      Rum Diaries 5.11

Look for stuff noted as part of Atta Scrap wall...


J Dickson:
Spot on dave! Thank you for doing that.  All the lines are worth doing, they are short but all pack a punch.


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