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Admin Al:
Perfect weather for my trip down to the Gunks with George Hurley. We haven't climbed particularly hard, but we have had a blast. Doing Madame G today was worth the trip! 5.6 my ass! (Grin) City Lights yesterday was also a trip. That start is slippery as snot! Weather is crapping out tomorrow so we will be heading back around noon, but it was well worth the drive, and this from someone who rarely leaves the Valley!

Sounds like a good trip, Al!

The rap off Madame G was pretty wild BITD.  Not sure people are still rapping of the crooked tree these days or not.  I climbed 30 or 40 feet of P1 then linked P2 and P3 together, pretty good.  Ha, the City Light start was slippery 16 years ago, I imagine it has only gotten worse since. 
My fave 5.6 climbs at The Gunks are the money pitch of High E and all of Strictly From Nowhere.  Step it up to 5.7 and Something Interesting from the base to the GT Ledge in one long pitch is my favorite.  This and the money pitch of High E are the only two climbs I have ever repeated at The Gunks.

Admin Al:
There is a bolted rap station right behind the Madame G tree now. It's still quite a rappel! George led p 1 and I did the next 2 as 1. I did it a couple of times in the early 90's and its still as wild as it was then.

It's a brilliant climb. Think about this - Hans Krause led it in 1943!!!!!!!! 69 years ago! Probably in mountain boots. What kind of rope did they have then, nuts weren't invented and probably hexed weren't either. They had pins, what else?

Admin Al:
FWIW apparently the thing to do now is to do the whole thing as 1 long pitch... I can't believe you don't get a lot of rope drag tho.

Courtesy of IMCS we had a 70 meter rope, which is perfect IMNSHO. No problem getting off anything.

Don't forget to stop at the farm stands on the way home as they offer great produce and pies.
When I was climbing at the Gunks I found myself using long slings on a fairly frequent basis to avoid rope drag from combining pitches and some of the wandering routes. Glad you had a good time. I look forward to pictures that I assume you will post with the Thursday report.


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