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I thought that this would be a good time to alert interested folks in an historical movie to be released sometime next year, on the history of American rock climbing.
A few younger climbers have been working on this for 3-4 years now.

Guess what climb is shown in the photo, on the cover shot. The photo is backwards, which will be corrected later.

It will be fun to see many familiar faces of people I've known over the years in the movie.

Admin Al:
very cool... I don't recognize the climb tho

VMC Direct is my guess.

DD with SS?

Right Jeff and Eric- you both win a cigar!

Yes, that's me looking back down the 4th pitch, on the 1st ascent.

I still remember how scared shit less I was leading that pitch, with tons of rope drag, and there was no bolt around the corner, like their is now. Face climbing was never my forte.

I must admit the people making the film must of had a zillion slides to choose from, for their cover shot. I'm pretty flattered they chose this one. When I think they could of chosen one from Robbins, Harding , Webster, several notable Vulgarians, and many other notable climbers of that era.

I'm pretty excited about the film since I know so many of the people interviewed.
I had to coax the film crew pretty hard to interview Jimmy Dunn, and Jimmy, himself was a little reluctant; but in the end they filmed him-twice; then did some climbs with him.
He is such a colorful character.
Jim Ericson, an old friend of mine, is in there as well. He did the 1st free ascent of the Regular Route on Half Dome.

Much like a mutual admiration club, this film will probably be appreciated most, by the older crowd, who moved around the country BITD, and met or climbed with others in the documentary.


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