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Rumney Day Trip


Took the scenic way from Madison, though Chocorua/Sandwich, right past Holderness. What a nice drive that is in the Fall!

Rumney was hustling, as expected...

DMan, hope you and your family had fun.  Colors are not at peak yet but getting close.
I was at Rumney yesterday too.  We got there around 10a and left at 4p.  The parking lot looked CRAZY at 4p.  Just about the busiest I have seen this year.
We made a beeline for Orange Crush.  Not too many parties there since the forecast was not the greatest.  It got chilly when the wind picked up.  Otherwise the conditions were close to perfect.  I think we only had to wait a short while for one climb (OrangaHang) and passed up another (Citrasolve) because it was occupied.  Lions, Tigers & Bears, Black Mamba, Prime Climb, Buried Treasure, Captain Hook, hardly got climbed yesterday.

We had a great time. Our friends hit up Orange Crush earlier that day. TBH, I don't even know where that is. I have limited experience at Rumney, but I'll probably get over there more often since it's a bit kid friendly (we saw 3 or 4 families with small kids in tow), and I have some family in Campton that are hoping to get back into climbing with their little ones. I need to explore the latest guidebook...

Glad to hear that, DMan.
Yeah, most crags at Rumney have a section or two that are kid friendly (flat and not a lot of small rocks).  And single-pitch is generally more kid friendly than MP, obviously.  That said, if you are carrying a lot of stuff (and you are not a tireless mule), you might want to go too high uphill (e.g. Jimmy Cliff) or too far West (e.g. Hinterlands or Prudential). 
I like OC, it is very impressive to look and climb at, and definitely worth your time.  I like to think of it (along with its adjoining neighbor New Wave) as Waimea for people like me who find .12a to be plenty hard enough.  It is also home to likely the most photographed climb at Rumney - The Predator. 


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