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Admin Al:
I got the email below today. As I understand it -

For each upload we'll donate $5 to one of our environmental non-profit partners helping to Protect the Places We Play. And you’ll get a shot at dedicating $10,000 more by winning our "Defining Moment" contest.

It seemed like a pretty cool thing to me so I did it. I posted a picture of me climbing Snot Rocket. YOu might want to do it and indicate where you would like your $5 to go. I did the Access Fund.



Hi Al,

I’m writing to ask a tiny favor. It’ll only take a moment and you get to share one of your favorite pictures with everyone! Clif Bar has set up a wonderful campaign to display our collective love of climbing and the outdoors. On top of that, we get to support the Access Fund at the same time. For every “moment” created, they’ll donate $5 to your non-profit of choice (hopefully you’re like me and it’s the Access Fund!) and if we get to 10,000 images, they’ll double the contribution to each non-profit.

I have been a supporter of the Access Fund since my first year climbing in 1994. They are the only organization out there dedicated to protecting the amazing climbing resources that we all love and enjoy. Whether it's an area like Jailhouse in my backyard, or areas that I love to roadtrip to like The Red River Gorge, the Access Fund has been instrumental in making sure that my generation and generations to come can continue to climb and enjoy these amazing places.

All you have to do is go onto the Clif Bar special website link here ( and upload one of your favorite images of your adventures, travels, climbs, family or friends – it’s pretty simple and it’s free. Please encourage your friends to do the same. You’ll be spreading our love of the outdoors and helping to preserve climbing at the same time.

A big thank you to Clif Bar for making this happen. They are an amazing company and truly a leader in sustainability and corporate responsibility. Please take a moment to join them and upload your picture today.

Thanks again and hope to see you out at the crag!

Beth Rodden

Al, are you really promoting this or just dropping that beth rodden emails you... ;)

jk, sounds good

Beth texted me this one...   ;D

I actually got it too and it takes 2 minutes to do! Kind of cool!

You studs!  How come BR did not email or text me?   :)
Her ex, Tommy, is about to try freeing some heinous route on El Cap.

She did, but you can't climb cracks  ;)


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