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How do you train for ice climbing?

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hey all,

I'm trying to break into the 5's this season, but I could use a little help.  Is there anything relatively inexpensive I could build, in the garage, to help me train for ice.  If you've seen the "Wide Boyz" movie, this is sort of what I was thinking(only ice specific).  If you haven't seen the "Wide Boyz" movie, do it! 

I will prolly be able to get plenty of mileage this winter.  I would like to be strong enough to capitalize on the ice.


Hang your tools from a beam in the garage and start doing pull ups and dead hangs. start running or hikeing or something to get your cardio up. drink whisky and shag sheep. that should do it 8)

Shaggin' sheep is for rapp-bolters. :P

  I've been thinking about this topic too. I really was lacking last year in my ability to do real steep stuff.
     I haven't make this yet but my thought was to take two 2x6's. Drill 1/2 diameter holes in them with a spade bit; the holes would angle down at 20 degrees. The pattern of holes could vary but something uniform would be good too. Then mount the 2x6's side by side at the desired angle you wish; I was aiming for vertical. Strap on the mono points and go.
   You could augment this with climbing holds...or even the "Ice Holdz".

It may just be my growing beer gut talking but the issue with Grade 4 and Grade 5 ice IMO is it is 45% mental, 45% technique, and 10% strength... While I only have 4-5 grade 5's under my belt I'm quite solid on Grade 4... and so much is condition dependent... but IMO with modern tools/crampons Grade 5 and 4 have little difference in terms of strength needed...


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