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I second that Tradman!!!! WOW!!!!  :o

Thanks Tradman, awesome article. 

Hard for me not to be judgemental about a 12 year old girl.  I've been taking Ella out the the crags (did a new boulder problem Wednesday with her napping in the tent), and I know people think that I'M irresponsible, so who am I to say.  But there are too many ways to die on Half Dome in the winter, never mind the climb, there is the approach, the descent and the weather.  How about the pic of her in sneakers hanging on the tat ropes stuck in ice on the death slab?  And then he left her at the base of the cables to go get the stuff stashed at the face.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

I'm hoping Ella is into sport climbing until she's old enough to know better.


The approach and decent look sketchy as heck. The one spot where the fixed ropes were frozen under. if they did not have some sort of belay there it could have been death for certain. On the otherhand that Kiddo had  no Jumars  and it looks like she free  :climbed the whole thing and her dad is world class..... Still would NOT want to have to try and explain that TR to Mom.....  :-\

I am inspired, shocked, scared, and in dis-belief by that TR... so awesome... but so on the edge... but who's to judge I guess...

If I was to raise an eyebrow it would have been on leaving her for 1.5 hours... that... welll... it all worked out....


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