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Went out to White Ledge with Dave last Sunday.  What a great little place!  We only were able to do "go west young man" up to the top of the third pitch, as the cliff was soaked. The .7 slab/crack is fantastic! A classic!  We look forward to checking out the other climbs when they are dry.

Oh, btw.  Take a RIGHT at the trail junction, NOT a LEFT.  You will get there much quicker......... But a nice hike regardless.

Thanks to Brad White for his efforts there! 

Bill Keiler

Climbed "Manifest Destiny" today. The 5.8 in the center of the cliff, goes up the right side of an amazing white flake.
The top was still pretty wet, skipped the big corner at the top. The area is pretty cool.
It's a much shorter approach COUNTER clockwise.

Not White's Ledge? Where is this?

Down by you dman :).White ledge State Park I believe.

White Ledge is 5 miles South of Conway on Rte 16, Albany. It belongs to the National Forest Service. The right hand side of 16 if you are coming from Conway.  Very clean rock. Be sure to bring a 70 meter rope or two 60 meter ropes to rap down or it can become interesting. You can get more information at Mountain Project under the "destination" section.


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