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Best Areas at Pawtuckaway for Easy Boulder Problems with No Spotter?

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I've got the guidebook but its not clear (at least to me) which areas are best for easy (V0,V1,V2) "lowball" problems when climbing without a spotter. The book lists highballs, but a few of those I looked at would more correctly be called free solos imo so it seems they don't count something as highball unless its like 30' or more. I'm looking for shorter easy problems because I'm a wimp.  :P



in general blair woods has shorter routes, at least of the ones that come to mind. warm up boulders are all 10 feet or less, robert e lee boulder is pretty lowball. the disadvantage to blair woods is it's easy to get lost if you don't know the place well. I have a friend who's been climbing at pway for ten years and still gets lost in blair woods. boulder natural has plenty of lowball problems too, hobbit hole and many problems nearby are pretty low.

Here is one for you:   :o

I think with a little training I might be able to send the tree in front of that one Mark.

2nding Fat City. The Zoo has lots of safe lines to climb by yourself.


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