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lucky luke:
As you read guide book, you often saw first ascent and after first free ascent. It was normal before that people aid climb a route and that after sone other team free it. As they do a route bottom up, when they aid, it is mostly that the movement was over the limit of the climber.

As the weather was colder, people like to aid climb a route and found himself in a micro climat in t-shirt whit snow around them.

As a trad climber, and as the weather is colder to free climb a trad route, did you have a season for aid climbing?

Yes, it is called "ice climbing."


--- Quote from: eyebolter on October 30, 2012, 07:06:00 pm ---Yes, it is called "ice climbing."

--- End quote ---


That's what I keep trying to tell Ed but he seems to think that cold white season is for rock climbing?


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