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Where's the best layback in NH?

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Is there a climb I can TR to work this technique?  Something out of the way and kinda hard would be cool.  Thx

I don't know how top-ropable it would be, but it is out of the normal realm at Rumney and it is a 5.10 a/b from what I've found...  Layback and Relax at the G-spot wall.  It shares an anchor with another route (Lichen Lickin I believe) that's a 5.11, so if you can climb that route it may be possible to set up a TR through the anchors for Layback.  Probably not the best route out there for what you want, but it's the first one I know of that comes to mind- probably mostly because it's where I took my first lead fall!

First 10 feet of Kiddy Crack on Cathedral... slippery little move that one... Cosmic Amazement above the South Buttress of Whitehorse... pretty classic 5.9 but a hell of an approach to set up a TR. Can't think of many other classic lay-backs that one could drop a TR on around here... Beezlebub Corner has some nice layback moves but must lead it to TR it...

Great Corner Wheeler.  Lead it is the way to go though some do TR it...

lucky luke:

--- Quote from: darwined on October 30, 2012, 07:57:09 pm ---Is there a climb I can TR to work this technique?  Something out of the way and kinda hard would be cool.  Thx

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To work that technique, what do you means? Duet direct is a jam and layback route. The first pitch have almost all vertical hold. Second pitch was also a nice 5.9+ layback. I think that it is a testpiece to know if you are a 5.9 -5.10 climber. Not a route to work the technique.

fun house, left hand corner is a streneous layback. You can try it by the right or by the left. You can set a top rope and try barn door technique or steaming/layback situation, or to change from a right side layback to a left side layback. At the top, to the right of pine tree eliminate, there is also two crack that you can try as a layback. Instead of steaming technique, you will need off with technique to climb the route after many try to do layback. Good places, easy access and a lot of work to do to master the technique and be able to aim to onsight a testpiece.


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