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Where will we find dry rock at Rumney?

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My girlfriend and I may try to hit Rumney on Saturday.  I just started climbing in April and we haven't climbed in over a month now due to a remodeling project here at home, so I'd like to find some routes that will be dry up to the 5.7 range.  I'll look at a 5.8 if it's close, but I'd like lower grades for now.  I've only been to Rumney twice before (and we will only have Saturday) so any help will be appreciated!

5.7 is a tough grade to find dry when things are wet.  That said, I don't think that Rumney will be all that wet this weekend.  Parking lot wall, meadows, upper dearth vader, jimmy cliff and crows nest will have plenty dry in your range if I have not lost all my weather prediction abilities.


Yeah, I was going to say Parking Lot Wall, parts of The Meadows, Jimmy, Crow's Nest and anything that gets a lot of sun and have 5.7~5.8 climbs (parts of Armed & Dangerous Wall maybe).
Clip a Dee Doo Dah will certainly be climbable.

We ended up doing a couple easier routes on the Parking lot wall.  Couldn't believe just how few people were there on Saturday!  Felt good (even though the fingers were cold doing it) getting back on the rock again.  Did Glory Jean's, Week with Pete and I bailed on Shealyn's Way when my girlfriend started feeling sick and I wasn't sure how long it would take me to figure out how to stem...  That one is on my "to-do" list though!

Other than Rumeny, visiting Quincy Quarries, Farley Ledges, Cathedral Ledge, and Cannon Cliff will be enjoyable. I had a trip with my friend last month, and it was awesome.


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