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Admin Al:
Apparently it was a good weekend for climbing on Mt Washington. on Saturday there were parties pretty much everywhere. Thanks to my friend Steve Jacques for this picture of a party on Pinnacle. He and his buddy did Central and they said that there were parties on almost everything.

Ice season is on its way folks...

Seems to me, the season has already started!

Admin Al:
much of what was there on Saturday is now gone. I rode my bike up over Pinkham today and was surprised to see how much had melted away in just 2 days.

Mike G:
Was this as viewed from the road or did ya hike in and look?

I wouldn't be surprised if a bit of it was baking out. Some stuff was shedding by 12:30 sat in Tucks. I can't imagine the last couple of days helped it any... hoping for a cold front.... got a taste for the ice on Saturday and i don't want to have to  wait for another bite.


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