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Admin Al:
WOW... woke up this morning at 6 and it was a chilly 26 degrees. it's already warmed up to as balmy 44 at 11AM and is totally bluebird. doesn't get much better this time of year. got to go pick up my car in Gorham at Berlin City so I'm going to ride the bike over the Notch. it may be the last big ride of this season. time to get out the ice tools...

Yep, was perfect this weekend.   Hiked  sunday and was in Tshirts at rumney all day monday. 

Have a good ride.   i had to put on tights for the first time this year last weekend.  then proceeded to have the most epic bonk i've ever had haha.  47mi with some hills.. no snacks.. woops!

Yeah, this coming weekend should be great for bouldering or climbing in the sun.  Hope I can squeeze some outdor climbing in (I hate that days are getting shorter and shorter).

What's a dry and sunny trad route recommendation for this week end in north conway area?

Woodchuck has been very warm on sunny days I have been up there lately. Everything faces south.


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