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Black Friday Climbing Gear Deals at EMS

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I have some inside scoop on Black Friday "PowerDeals" happening during next week's sale that I wanted to share with the NEClimbs community, since 30% off brand new Black Diamond and Petzl Climbing gear is no joke... so here's the info I think many here would want to know...

Main sale starts Monday the 19th at 6AM (website) and runs through the following Monday, 11/26.

But the bigger deal is the limited 6-hour Powerdeals happening on the website through-out the sale. These are the two I figured NEClimbs folks would want to plan for:

11/23 6am-noon- Extra 10% off Black Diamond Climbing Gear *excludes cams. So BD ixe axes, screws, harnesses, helmets, etc will be 20% off, then an additional 10% off that.

11/25 12am - 6am (set the alarm), Extra 10% off Petzl Climbing Gear, so same as above... 20% off, then another 10% off during these hours.

Consider free shipping on orders over $48, and getting a $15 Gear Bucks Card on purchases over $75, and it is an excellent time to pick up some shiny new sharp ice screws, a new pair of Quarks, or what ever else you've be drooling over waiting for the ice to form.


David, thanks for the heads-up on the climbing stuff.  Definitely going to be taking advantage Friday morning!

Do you happen to have a list of what the rest of the Power Deals are, or can you say?  I'd like to get a coat for my girlfriend for Christmas, but haven't decided on one yet....

I can't see why they would want this info hidden so here it is, I've bolded my favorites:

11/19/2012   Monday   6am-12pm   Extra 10% OFF  All Prana Apparel
11/19/2012   Monday   12pm-6pm   Extra 10% OFF Slippers* (*exc. UGG)
11/19/2012   Monday   6pm-12am   Extra 10% OFF Salomon Footwear

11/20/2012   Tuesday   12am-6am   Extra 10% OFF Kids' Footwear* (*Exc. New Balance)
11/20/2012   Tuesday   6am-12pm   Extra 25% OFF Mountain Hardwear & Outdoor Research closeouts
11/20/2012   Tuesday   12pm-6pm   30% off Osprey Aether 70 and Ariel 65 Packs
11/20/2012   Tuesday   6pm-12am   Extra 10% OFF ISIS Women's Clothing

11/21/2012   Wed.           12am-6am   Extra 10% OFF ADIDAS Outerwear & Footwear
11/21/2012   Wed.           6am-12pm   Extra 10% OFF EMS Sweaters, Shirts, and Pants
11/21/2012   Wed.           12pm-6pm   Extra 10% OFF Socks
11/21/2012   Wed.    6pm-12am   Extra 10% OFF Microspikes & Yaktrax Winter Traction

11/22/2012   Thursday   12am-6am   Extra 10% OFF Columbia Sportswear
11/22/2012   Thursday   6am-12pm   Extra 10% OFF EMS Backpacks, Travel Bags & Duffels
11/22/2012   Thursday   12pm-6pm   Extra 10% OFF EMS Insulated Jackets, Vests, and Pants
11/22/2012   Thursday   6pm-12am   Extra 10% OFF SmartWool & Icebreaker Merino Wool Underwear
11/23/2012   Friday   12am-6am   Extra 10% OFF Ex Officio Clothing
11/23/2012   Friday   6am-12pm   Extra 10% OFF Black Diamond Climbing Gear* (*Exc. Cams)
11/23/2012   Friday   12pm-6pm   Extra 10% OFF Hats & Gloves* (*Mfg. restrictions apply)
11/23/2012   Friday   6pm-12am   Extra 10% OFF Trekking Poles

11/24/2012   Saturday   12am-6am   Extra 10% OFF Sleds* (*Exc. American Traders)
11/24/2012   Saturday   6am-12pm   Extra 10% OFF SmartWool Clothing & Socks
11/24/2012   Saturday   12pm-6pm   Extra 10% OFF EMS Sleeping Bags
11/24/2012   Saturday   6pm-12am   Extra 10% OFF Headlamps

11/25/2012   Sunday   12am-6am   Extra 10% OFF Petzl Climbing Gear
11/25/2012   Sunday   6am-12pm   Extra 10% OFF Cycling Clothing
11/25/2012   Sunday   12pm-6pm   Extra 10% OFF Sorel Footwear
11/25/2012   Sunday   6pm-12am   Extra 10% OFF Fleece Jackets, Vests, Sweaters, & Pants* (*Mfg. restrictions apply)

11/26/2012   Monday   12am-6am   Extra 10% OFF Klean Kanteen Water Bottles
11/26/2012   Monday   6am-12pm   Extra 10% OFF Icebreaker Clothing & Socks
11/26/2012   Monday   12pm-6pm   32% OFF Outlet Items
11/26/2012   Monday   6pm-12am   Extra 10% OFF Snowshoes* (Excludes doorbusters & closeouts)
11/27/2012   Tuesday   12am-6am   Extra 10% OFF Garmont, Scarpa & La Sportiva Footwear (Excludes Scarpa Ski)

Just a reminder, this is for online ordering only, not in store (though stores will probably honor it if asked nicely) :)

DMan, I got my $80 Petzl order in the cart ready to checkout at 12.01am on Sun.  Thanks for spreading the word!


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