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Busy, beautiful day on Saturday in Huntington

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My partner and I did Pinnacle Gully, with at least 2 parties of 2 in front of us, and a soloist who passed them; as well as a party of 2, and a party of 3 on Pinnacle Rock Climb. I also saw another party of 2 hiking around in the ravine, but I don't know where they ended up. The ice was fat on the first pitch, and very spotty on the second, with at least 2 cam placements... Super fun though! Temps were in the 40s, no wind, not a cloud in the sky!

Admin Al:
I'd actually heard that Saturday P1 was OK but P2 was very sketchy.

Ralbert20, you must have been the two guys who came up last, or... third or however you want to say it. Fun stuff, great day. Did you guys hike to the summit too?

Al, Did you hear that from the guy soloing? The only reason I found that pitch sketchy was because he was swinging for home runs on ice that simply needed to be handled more delicately, pushed past my partner while he was leading and then dropped an ice block the size of Strandmans beer cooler down on everybody below. What an Asshole! He didn't even look back to see if he'd killed anybody after he dropped the bomb despite the profanity I was firing up at him. If anybody knows this guy let him know he may be the biggest piece of shit I have ever met while climbing!

No black flies anywhere in Huntington ravine on Saturday. (Smile.)

Seems like that has always been Huntington ice climbing etiquette.  Climbing there in the 70's  you would be there first, but the soloist would show up and blow by you dropping ice on you once above.  Then once I was the soloist I did the same thing, lol.

Max- indeed, we were the 3rd (last) party up the gully. We did not hike to the summit - though it was probably pretty awesome. We boogied out of there, and got home in time to be "social."

Al - the second pitch was not entirely frozen, but totally doable. At no point did it seem like we were in danger of falling off. Most of the ice seemed well bonded, and we only had to cross open water 2x ;)


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