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Mono vs. dual.

Why, why not....where, where not?

Also, can I cut the front strap that connects the toe bail to the ankle strap off on my BD cyborgs?



Admin Al:
once I gave up on my old Foot Fangs and got some Charlet M8's I used mono points for many years & loved them. then one day I was climbing Hobbit and Kevin Mahoney was there as well. I asked him what he was using and he said dual points, Petzl M10's. I asked why and he said that he liked having the stability and he only used mono points for really mixed stuff. I watched him walk the little edges on the Hobbit wall. I went back to IME, bought a pair of M10 duals and never looked back. I bought a pair of Lynx last year when they were hard to find and really like them.


I use both. Mono's for early season, mixed, and ice climbs that I know will be in weird candleried conditions. Overall, most of the time I'm on duel points. Once you cut the hole in the anti- bot on the Cyborgs it's relatively easy to change back and forth, although I found it easier to remove the anti- bot rather than cut. I would suggest getting a second set of front points as you'll most likely strip the screws if you change back and forth a few times.

You can cut the strap and wrap it around your ankle, works. Just fine. 

Pretty much same as Al...

I started in 2001 on dual, then 2002-2008 climbed exclusively on M10 Mono's, switched back to duals in 2008 and won't go back to monos unless I start climbing hard overhanging mixed routes...

For pure ice I think duals are better, M10's or Cyborgs... I'm currently on Cyborgs...

I climbed in BD cyborg, modified as monos for a year or two and liked them just fine. then I switched to BD sabertooths and have liked their stability even more. as long as you're precise with your footwork, either will work just fine.


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