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So what is normal?

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Admin Al:
So I just went through all my archived pictures from Thanksgiving 2000-2011. With one exception there really wasn't climbable ice in the lower elevations. That said, most years we already have snow by now, at least in the mountains and notches. I'm convinced that if we get snow in the notches, we will have ice.

Time for a snow dance...

It's global warming...erhh...climate change. Resistance is futile Al.
Embrace it and go for a mountain bike ride. ;D

If we start getting more and more winters like last year i am gonna be pissed. I love me some good rock climbing but ice is what i really get excited all year about. Plus without real winters New England just is not New England.

Admin Al:

--- Quote from: apbt1976 on November 23, 2012, 03:38:52 pm ---...without real winters New England just is not New England.

--- End quote ---


Yeah, not normal; I roped climbed today in a long sleeve T-shirt, almost 55F for high in MA.  Stellar conditions, Farley's heinous slopers back in July felt like jugs today! :)


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