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the best thing about NE climbing is that sport / trad doesn't matter-

you got Rumney, a premier sport area and Cathedral close together.. seems to work out OK.

So  many other areas seem to still have problems.. ??? I don't sport climb( but I may)  who cares ? you gotta respect the ethics of the area..  Why is this so tough for some people ???

Ya - I' gona do a gearroute at Smith    :D   or a bolted up way Cathedral   :P

I do love that cathedral's hardest route has 40' fall potential.

Smith is actually one of my all time favorite trad areas. No crowds on the trad lines!  ;)

Should this have just been a private message to a certain someone? I don't think anyone else really wants in on this convo... it plagues almost every thread in these forums...

Both New River and Red River have trad and sport all mixed together.  No one (well almost no one) seem to have an issue with the 'mix'. 

Red Rocks sport routes, long trad routes and great bouldering.


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