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5.9/5.10 Trad Routes for Projecting via Self-Belayed Toprope

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What would be some good routes for working via self-belayed toprope in the 5.9 to 5.10 range?

I'm looking to pick 2 trad routes, one slab/face and one crack or mixed--as projects for next year for days when I get stuck without a partner. Ideally both routes would have good enough pro to eventually be led. (Pro doesn't have to be perfect but nothing R for me.)

I want to avoid cluster faaaking any of the busy classics (these would mostly be weekend days), and so don't mind an approach to one of the backwoods cliffs. Ideally the routes would have easy access from the top and be free of a bunch of complications such as long traverses etc.

Franconia or NC areas would be ok.

The final pitch of The Prow on Cathedral comes to mind for crack/fingerlock, easily protected from the top, then waltz over to Reverse Camber for face. 

How about the entire Barber Wall? Many classics and rarely ever a line... easy access to the top, etc... wire all those 5.9ís on TR and you should be a crack climbing fiend...

Nutcracker, Double V, Chickenís Delight, and Layton's... a great work-out afternoon....

Three birches... hardly ever anyone on that. The business end of p1 has a bit of a diagonal traverse on it but not too long.
And it is a 9 no matter what the guidebook says

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--- Quote from: frik on November 28, 2012, 03:43:14 pm ---And it is a 9 no matter what the guidebook says

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no mistake about that...


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