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Since the weather is going to be pretty warm, I was thinking on climbing the summer route of Huntington ravine this week. I guess there won't be that much snow so that I should be able to follow the trail. Crampons and alpine axe should do it? Or I should gear up for ice climbing?

While I must be honest and say I've never attempted the Huntington hiking trail this time of year I would consider it to be in pretty serious condition despite the warm temps down in the valleys. I would expect thin ice over the bottom slab, possible verglas elsewhere, not much in terms for "security" without a rope and pro... I would wear a helmet if I was going to try it, but there are 50 other better places to hike this time of year than the head wall of Huntington...

Have you done Boot Spur? Nelson Crag? Those are two excellent ridge hikes, Nelson Crag gives you some excellent views into Huntington Ravine...

Very good advice and alternatives. Agree 100%

The trail could be pretty nasty now ?  henderson Ridge is barely technical and decent stuff.

Rains last night and the night before have altered the conditions considerably. I would be real leary of attempting the Ravine Trail now. The drive through the notch was icy this morning and the flanks of Mount Washington were frosted with rime. I am in agreement with DMan and Strandman. There are better options out there for this time of year that will still get you out enjoying the mountains! Be safe!  ;)


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