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Pawtuckaway Dirt Road Access?

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Anybody know if you can drive into Pawtuckaway from the west this time of year, or do you have to go over to the east side and park at the little spot with only a few parking spots?


I think the gate is closed.  If that's the case, the hike from the east is less than half the hike form the west.

I went in off of Reservation Rd 2 weeks ago and road was open. Not sure if it has been closed since then.

Thanks guys. My only worry about parking on the east side is all the spots used to be full pretty early on a weekend day. I don't mind taking a hike, so if there are spots to park near the gate if it happens to be closed I'll probably just do that and get a little exercise.

Went in via Reservation Rd early this week. The gate is still open. There was a lot of tree debris in the road after the last storm forcing a week road closure. The parking off of Deerfield Rd/Round Pond Rd is reasonable now with an expanded lot that fits about 10+ cars. The park rangers are very helpful and can be reached Mon/Tue 10-2, during this time of season to check Road status'. Enjoy. (PWay State Park (603) 895-3031)


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