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... be able to stand comfortably in bare feet and skivvies peeing off my porch at 0500 on December 9.  Right?

Who do I talk to about this?

Admin Al:
41 degrees here in North Conway at 8:45! SHEESH...

Felt like spring walking the dogs today at 7:30 am.. Sun was shining skies all blue. Feeling more like fall again as the clouds have returned. Just last week i was noticing my first real ice puddles roadside just outside Boston and getting excited.

Ow well i guess it gives us all more time to deal with "stuff" before the annual ice binge!!

Just want to be clear, I'm not complaining about peeing off the porch. 
Lord knows, it's one of the few simple pleasures I've still got, after my parole officer and the various restraining orders are taken into consideration.

But c'mon, bare feet, almost bare everything?  In December?  In New England?
Shape up, Ma Nature.  We're counting on you.


C'mon guys!  There's ice out there, if you want it bad enough.  Saturday morning I was totally inspired to find a party half way up Fafnir after a heinous approach through the ice coated talus at Cannon.  Those boys had the place almost to themselves, and they were LOVIN' it.  I wished it was me. :(

Kudos to the offending party  8)


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