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i plan to place quite a few belay bolts in the spring.... 20-30 sets. I have almost always used the one up one down method. it allows for a bit of swing when rapping and kinda equalizes the loads. most stuff I see now is side by side with links.

The Fixe trad anchor seems the way to go.. these routes are not going to see TR action

opinions  ?

Pics would help.

I live the vertical bolts with chains, like the 3rd pitch of Rapid Transit anchor... STOUT... makes more sense than all these horizontal anchors...

Like this one ?
Real pain to get a biner into the lower hanger.

If cost is not an objection, I rather see a pair of this -  or this -


--- Quote from: sneoh on December 11, 2012, 10:26:18 pm ---Like this one ?
Real pain to get a biner into the lower hanger.

--- End quote ---

Exactly... I usually just put a biner through one of the links if setting a MP or TR anchor... definitely strong enough eh? Your 2nd option is even more ideal though...

YA- the firstone is what I'm thinking.  $15 isn't bad. You can then slightly offset the 2 hangers in a vertical set up


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